Material Safety Data Sheet

Revision Number:1.1
Revision Date:03-Aug-2004

Product and Company Identification

Product Name:MitoTracker® Orange CM-H2TMRos *special packaging*
Catalog Number:M7511
Unit Size:20 x 50 µg
Manufacturer/Supplier:Molecular Probes, Inc.
29851 Willow Creek Road, Eugene, OR 97402-9132, USA
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Emergency Information:DO NOT USE, this is a dummy placeholder document and IS NOT TO BE DISTRIBUTED

Composition / Information on Ingredients

  • MitoTracker® Orange CM-H2TMRos *special packaging*
Molecular Formula:C24H25ClN2O
Molecular Weight:392.93
CAS Number/Name:N/A

Hazards Identification

Emergency Overview:  Caution - substance not yet fully tested. To our knowledge, the hazards of this material have not been thoroughly investigated. We recommend handling all chemicals with caution.
Potential Health Effects
Inhalation:Not hazardous
Ingestion:Not hazardous
Skin:Not hazardous
Eyes:Not hazardous
Chronic Exposures:Not determined
Target Organs:Not determined

First Aid Measures

Potentially harmful. Avoid prolonged or repeated exposure. Wash thoroughly after handling. If eye or skin contact occurs, wash affected area with water for 15 minutes and seek medical advice. If inhaled, move individual to fresh air and seek medical advice. If swallowed, seek medical advice.

Fire Fighting Measures

Use dry chemical powder or appropriate foam extinguisher.

Accidental Release Measures

Use appropriate protective equipment and methods to clean up spilled substances promptly. Absorb spill onto an appropriate material. Collect and dispose of all waste in accordance with applicable laws.

Handling and Storage

Air sensitive, use under N2 or Ar. Desiccation recommended. Store at <= -20°C. Protect material from long-term exposure to light; may be exposed to light for short periods of time.

Exposure Controls / Personal Protection

Wear appropriate gloves, protective clothing and eyewear and follow safe laboratory practices.
ACGIH/OSHA Permissible Exposure Limit Data:  Not determined

Physical and Chemical Properties

Odor:Not determined
Solubility in Water:Low
Specific Gravity:Not determined
pH:Not determined
Boiling Point:Not determined
Melting Point:Not determined
Flash Point:Not determined
Vapor Pressure:Not determined

Stability and Reactivity

Thermal Decomposition:  No decomposition if used according to specifications.
Dangerous Reactions:  No dangerous reactions identified.
Dangerous Products of Decomposition:  No dangerous decomposition products identified.

Toxicological Information

RTECS Number:None known
Toxicity:We are not aware of any toxicity data for this product.
Health Hazards:See Potential Hazards below.
Potential Hazards:The complete properties have not been investigated; however, similar compounds are known to be chemically reactive with proteins and other biochemicals and should be treated as potentially hazardous.
Carcinogenicity:Not listed by NTP, IARC or OSHA.

Ecological Information

Do not allow product to reach ground water, water course, or sewage system.

Disposal Considerations

Consult local, state or national regulations for proper disposal.

Transport Information

Hazard Class:Not determined
Identification Number:Not determined
Packing Group:Not classified
Proper Shipping Name (Technical Name):  Not determined


US Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA):  Not listed
US Other:  Not applicable
EEC EINECS Number:  Not identified
EEC Risk Statements:  Not determined
Other Country Regulations:  None identified

Other Information

This material is sold for research purposes only and is not required to appear on the TSCA inventory. It is not intended for food, drug, household, agricultural or cosmetic use. Its use must be supervised by a technically qualified individual experienced in handling potentially hazardous chemicals. The above information is correct to the best of our knowledge. Users should make independent decisions regarding completeness of the information based on all sources available. Molecular Probes shall not be held liable for any damage resulting from handling or contact with the above product.
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